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Economic and Financial Analysis: Participants in financial markets today need to be savvier than ever before about the interactive nature of the response mechanism between the economy - real and monetary and policy-making. A detailed understanding of economic indicators and how they affect the market can provide critical leverage for staying ahead of significant market moves.

Data Analysis & Forecasting: Developing predictive models and deciphering future trends from data signals form a key input in any business decision. Comprehensive training in techniques for modelling, forecasting and time series analysis imparted at the institute is invaluable in this respect.

Investment Banking: Advanced training in quantitative skills and a sound understanding of the
macroeconomic picture are essential for working in an investment bank. The students trained in these skills from the Delhi School of Economics thus play a crucial role in strategising and decision-making.

Risk Advisory & Insurance: Skills of abstraction and a thorough training in data analysis are essential tools for taking an independent view on each product, project and initiative of the organization and evaluating them for short-term and long-term viability. Students trained in these skills from the Delhi School of Economics thus contribute immensely to the fundamental goal of actuarial analysis i.e. risk management and risk mitigation.

Development Sector: The course structure at the institute provides a clear perspective of the economics behind the chronic socio-economic malaise facing developing economies. Such an understanding facilitates the formulation of forward-looking and economically viable solutions to various developmental issues.

Research: Business ideas today need to be supplemented with sophisticated analysis and research to give them an additional edge. A clear perspective on the key economic variables impacting the business can enable strategists to conceptualise their ideas more concretely.

Media & Publishing: Armed with a clear perspective on pertinent economic issues as well as their impact, students from Delhi School of Economics are well placed to articulate and lucidly present current issues and news for the benefit of diverse segments of the population.

Sales & Marketing:
Marketing involves a clear understanding of the playing field and formulation of strategies as an entrant or an established player. Economics gives an excellent insight into the different segments of the market as well as the various factors that affect them. Analytical skills provide an extra edge to comprehend the significant aspects and also to take positions on a more informed basis.

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Prof. Aditya Bhattacharjea, Head, Department of Economics

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