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DSE - A Holistic Experience

In addition to the emphasis on academic performance and achievements, the students of DSE are given ample opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling campus life. Being in the heart of the North Campus of Delhi University, students are able to attend both academic and recreational events hosted by various colleges.

Students are encouraged to attend seminars and talks by eminent economists, academicians and policy makers to broaden their horizons. Also, DSE boasts of a diverse student body, providing many opportunities for enriching interaction, through events like the annual DSE Fest and recreational trip organised by the students' council or more routinely over a cup of tea.



ShARE is an international, non-profit organization for students, striving to better understand the complexities of local socio-economic issues through presentations, conferences and projects. With the emergence of a global knowledge and information society, ShARE's vision is "to generate, share and use knowledge to contribute to regions'
human, social and economic development."

ShARE was initiated by a DSE student and its first international team was created in Shanghai in November 2002. Today, ShARE has branches in 29 prestigious universities in 14 countries. More than 600 members in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Seoul, New Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, Ahmedabad, Roorkee, Bangalore, Lahore, Jakarta, Kathmandu, Kampala, Dhaka, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Lausanne, Porto, Warsaw and Paris gather regularly to discuss economy in Asia and Europe.

There are 9 global knowledge networks in ShARE based on different areas of expertise: Macroeconomics, Energy, Development Economics, Finance, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Strategy and Social Issues.

The ShARE DSE team has always been amongst the most active teams across the globe and is well known for the superior quality of its work. Our team has actively participated in joint presentations with other campuses and has taken up global projects on issues of practical relevance that have been sponsored by leading corporate organizations



Prayaas - DSE is a social organization formed by the students of DSE in 2005. It is an effort to serve humanity and to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged in our society. It is an organization, which does not work for the sake of recognition or reward but with a mission to help those who really need it, hoping to make a better tomorrow.

The projects and campaigns are focused on simple acts of kindness, taking a call to transform social sensibility into social responsibility. The yearly activities of the organization over the past years included:

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In, 2009 Prayaas introduced 'Margdarshan Yojana', a student-friendly interactive teaching programme, the main objective of which was to impart knowledge on the essentials of English Language and Speaking and to inculcate basic etiquettes among students in government schools. In 2013, Prayaas has introduced a programme to provide guidelines and academic help to children of an orphanage under the "Salaam Balak Trust". The aim is to help the orphanage in bringing their kids at par with others of their age.

Another important endeavour undertaken by Prayaas, DSE this year is to spread massive awareness about diseases like HIV and Tuberculosis through street plays and a one- to- one interaction with the people in the affected areas.

Driven by its motto and vision, in future too, Prayaas-DSE will continue to broaden the scope of its activities, continuously contributing to the society and making a difference.

Recent events at ShARE DSE

Intellectium 2012

The summer semester event comprised of a quiz event QUIZZATHON 3.0 in line with the quizzing events at DSE. It was followed by an enlightening guest lecture by Mrs. Mythili Bhusnurmath, Co- Editor of Economic Times, an eminent economist and journalist, on 'Political Economy of the Reform Process'. The event saw great participation of talented enthusiasts from various colleges.

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The first ever newsletter launched by the ShARE-DSE team. This was a new initiative by the junior team of ShARE-DSE. For the knowledge hunters, it was a serve of interesting articles, puzzles and facts from the fields of finance, energy, global economics and business strategy, the four networks where ShARE-DSE team operates in.

A Greater Fool - The Economic Simulation

This was an event organised during the annual DSE fest 'Aahaan'. The challenge was to come out as real economists in policy making and devise an optimal solution for the given Economy in crisis using their economic intuition and knowledge. Around 40 teams from premier institutions participated in the successful event which offered prizes worth Rs.7000.

Output Presentations

The ShARE-DSE junior team comprising of 16 members, 4 from each network presented their final outputs on various innovative and relevant topics they had worked on during the semester. The presentations were highly informative and well researched and the students discussed their findings and shared their work with the audience.

ShARE World Seminar 2012, Shanghai

ShARE celebrated its 10th Anniversary by organising the world seminar at Shanghai in November, 2012. The seminar was attended by over 150 people from various universities across Europe and Asia. There were discussions and team participation in various projects like 'Creating new value in the face of generational and structural shifts that are reshaping business models' and on increasing efficiency of other business models. Eminent professors from well-known universities highlighted the importance of sustainable development and renewable energy driven automobiles. It was a very enriching experience for all the participants.

Other Initiatives

Aahan 2013
The Aahan 2013, The fifth Annual Fest at Delhi School of Economics brought forth a concurrence of the events that showcased both the intellectual prowess of students as well as the artist in them. The event was inaugurated by Dr. C. Rangarajan, Chairman, Prime Minister Economic Advisory Council and Former Governor, RBI. This was followed by Debate, Street Play, Quiz and Ad Mad events. The fest provided the students with an opportunity to display their intellect and creativity.Image 01


Eostre is an annual magazine published by the students of Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics. The magazine seeks to provide a platform to budding economists for the articulation and discussion of relevant concerns about the world economy through a wide range of research papers, articles and reports, contributed by national and foreign universities.

Past editions featured interviews with Dr. Bimal Jalan, Prof. Pranab Bardhan, Lord Meghnad Desai and Prof. Bharat Ramaswami among some other great names. The earlier editions also saw article contributions by Prof. Jayati Ghosh, Ms. Aruna Roy and Prof. S. Subramanian. This year's journal offers an insight into some pertinent issues of social significance with discussions featuring Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Prof. Charles Kolstad, Dr. Subir Gokarn and Mr. Rahul Khullar.

To broaden the scope of Eostre beyond the usual confines of an annual edition some new initiatives have been taken this year. For facilitating active student participation and thereby creating a collective, intellectual space a blog has been set up for online discussion. Along with this, Eostre invites speakers from various departments to provide students with myriad perspectives about some popular issues in social sciences.

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