Placement Process

Image 01The Application process

An organization may choose to invite applications from students at DSE by asking them to either fill out and submit the application forms provided by the organization itself or submit their Curriculum Vitae, prepared in a standard format.

Procedures and Terminology

1. Pre-Placement Talks: Organizations are encouraged to conduct Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs) to enable students to get a clearer perspective on the company's outlook, ethics, the job profile offered and other relevant details. It is in the company's best interest to make these PPTs as detailed (with reference to the job profile, compensation details etc.) as possible so as to paint an accurate picture for the job aspirants. The indicative dates for PPTs are given below.

2. Recruitment Schedule: At the close of the PPTs, the order in which companies visit the campus is decided and the schedule for final recruitments is drawn up. This is done through a voting process, in which all registered members of the placement cell participate. Companies are evaluated on the basis of parameters such as the job profile offered, the location of work, the scope for career advancement and growth wi thin the organization, the reputation of the organization in question and the compensation offered.

3 Recruitment Process: Once organizations have been slotted as above, each will be assigned to a "Day". Companies with a multi-stage recruitment process (such as a qualifying test) may conduct them prior to the commencement of the placement week. Each "Day" will be 72 hours long and companies participating must complete their process within the stipulated time interval.

Recruitment Calendar

Summer Placements - Last week of September, 2015

Final Placements - January, 2016 onwards

PPTs for Final Placements - Second week of December, 2015


Placement Brochure 2015

Final Placement Form (Please fill and Email)

Summer Placement Form (Please fill and Email)

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Message from the Director

Prof. Pami Dua, Director, Delhi School of Economics

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Message from the Head

Prof. Aditya Bhattacharjea, Head, Department of Economics

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Placement Process

Application Process
Procedure and Terminology
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Recruitment Brochure

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